Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm a slack ass.

So it's been months since I posted anything. I suck and I admit it. :)
Since I started dieting/working out I've lost 17 pounds! I now fit into jeans that I haven't worn in about four years but like a typical chick I've held on to them like a big dork hoping that I might fit them someday. That day has finally come. While I am not even close to my goal weight it is nice to not look 1000 months pregnant all of the time.
On an even more awesome note I can now out leg press the bf by 30 pounds. While he may be able to pick things up and put them down better than I can I still kick his ass when it comes to legs. It's a family trait according to my future SIL and I have to agree.

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Zoomy said...

Your sister agrees with your SIL -- Thighmaster!!!

Nice work, girl. I have a few things that I hang onto to shrink into...the sad thing is it's mostly stuff I don't even like.