Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm a slack ass.

So it's been months since I posted anything. I suck and I admit it. :)
Since I started dieting/working out I've lost 17 pounds! I now fit into jeans that I haven't worn in about four years but like a typical chick I've held on to them like a big dork hoping that I might fit them someday. That day has finally come. While I am not even close to my goal weight it is nice to not look 1000 months pregnant all of the time.
On an even more awesome note I can now out leg press the bf by 30 pounds. While he may be able to pick things up and put them down better than I can I still kick his ass when it comes to legs. It's a family trait according to my future SIL and I have to agree.

Monday, April 11, 2011

There is muscle underneath all of that flab!

  On Friday (gotta get down on Friday) I noticed something new. If I tightened my stomach muscles I could feel actual hardness there. Granted it was still under some pudge but it was there. I started hollering to Rich that he needed to poke me right then and there. I think that he was just a tad bit uncomfortable since we were at the gym but oh well.
  I have spent the rest of my weekend making random people poke me and I admit that it has given me joy to no end.
  On a side note this past couple of weeks has been a bit shitty for me. It would have been my best friend's 30th birthday on the seventh. Instead it's been almost three years since she died.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new pair of pants

  So I didn't go shopping and my pants aren't new but they are new again. At least to me. A  pair of pants that didn't fit a few months ago and were REALLY snug about a month ago (to the point of not being able to breathe) now fit. They are still on the tight side but I can actually breathe in them!
  Men don't understand why I have bins of clothes that no longer fit me. As a female I retain the right to keep clothes that once fit me, never fit me but someday may, and clothes that may come back into style someday. As I lose weight I have been eyeing my clothing with more love than distaste. The idea that I could wear cute clothing again is exciting. When you put on weight after front pooping a little person (or having a c-section like I did) their is nothing cute to wear. It sucks when you find out that the only clothes that seem to fit is the styles that your mother wears.
  My mom doesn't dress horrible for someone her age but I am about thirty years younger than her. There are three distinct styles of clothing (watch First Wives Club for this reference) Science Fiction young, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy. I sure as hell don't want to have the Driving Miss Daisy look and I don't make enough money (or have anywhere to wear it to) to pull off the DA look. This leaves me with the Science Fiction young look. While I don't want to dress like Miley Cyrus I still want to look on the young side.
  Target (the one near me) has three main sections for women. It has young women, way to old for me, and maternity. Dear God I don't want to get so heavy that I have to wear maternity if I'm not prego.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not going to the gym today

  Ok so that totally sounds like Soren except he says "Not going to the bar today!" Interestingly enough we don't take him to bars. That could be because he is only eight.
  Anyway while I admit that I'm slacking off today I do have a reason. I worked last night. Normally Tuesday nights suck for tips for a couple of reasons. First off it's kids eat free night (cheap tippers), secondly it tends to be a dead night after the kid rush is over, and thirdly I work with my evil twin so it's basically just a night where she and I get to hang out. I work 5-12 and I a decent night would have been $50 cash for that night (like I said, dead night). I made over $100.
  When everyone else got cut by about 8pm I had possibly $40, including my charge tips. So I made over $60 in about four hours. So I'm basically exhausted today.
  Now this doesn't mean that I won't go work out after Rich gets home from work cuz that's always a possibility. It's also my weigh in day.... Hmmmmm

Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Schooling aka dealing with crazy cakes

  So I'm making my first official post that's not about exercise. I got into an argument with a woman on Facebook about whether or not to home school. I personally am against it (with the exception of a few rare cases). I stated why I don't agree with it and one woman who is for it freaked out on me.
  In Wisconsin any parent can home school their kids if they choose to do so. You don't have to have any type of a degree to do it and you don't even have to have graduated high school.
  I went to school with a girl who would have graduated with me except she dropped out at 15 (if I remember correctly) and started homeschooling herself. Last I knew she still hadn't gotten a diploma and was married (to a guy who also didn't graduate) with a couple of kids. Since then she is divorced and as far as I know still doesn't have a diploma. She home schools her kids and I don't understand how she can do it. Without any kind of an education what makes her qualified? How can she help her kids to learn when she has never been taught this information?
  I don't feel that I have the education or the brains to give my kids the well rounded education that I feel that they need. I was an English major in college but what do I know about Chemistry? Or Math for that matter? I can barely count my fingers and toes. I also wouldn't be able to teach my kids a musical instrument because I can't read music. All in all I would suck as a teacher for my kids if I was covering every subject. While I realize that some parents may hire private tutors for their kids I don't make that kind of money.
  I will share what this woman and I posted back and forth so far but I won't share her name since that's not fair to her.... Nor will I change her grammar or spelling.

HER: last I don't have to have a "degree" to homeschool and you don't have to do it yourself. You can have anyone you want teach your children, but they do have to be taught certain things and be "learning" for a certain amount of time. So you can have a tutor come in or have a relative or friend help you...there are many ways to accomplish teaching your children. And the field trips you can take and learn with!!! It's amazing! ♥

(So far she is right on the current laws of the state. No argument yet.)

ME: My issues with the home schooled kids that I have known are that they tend to be anti-social and have trouble making friends. I have only met one girl who was well adjusted but that didn't happen until she got her first job and finally met her own age. Up until that point the only kids that she knew were other kids that were also home schooled and went to her church. Those other kids had the same life experiences and couldn't really open each others eyes to different people outside of the group.
My parents are intelligent people but they felt that they couldn't do something like this to us because they wouldn't be able to teach us enough of any given subject to give us a well rounded education.
Also quite a few of the kids when they hit their teen years started teaching themselves. Many of them didn't graduate and still haven't at 30 years old.

( I was referring  to a few kids from the area that I grew up in and what I saw.)

HER: see, my homeschooled kids were in 4-h and scouts and they are more normal than the public school kids they went to school with for the previous 3 years. and I don't have to worry about those "social" public school kids coming to my house with guns to shoot my children.....

(WTF? I  checked her Facebook page and she lives in a safe area where the chances of someone bringing a gun to school are slim to none.)

HER: I learned more in the one year I was homeschooled than all the other years of public and Christian schools I attended. So you saying I'm not adjusting to human life as well as you are? My children have more friends than I can count and enjoy lots of activities with "schooled" kids. My children find reading encyclopedias and playing basketball in the park with other kids equally fun....when's the last time your kid read an encyclopedia?
our oldest son was homeschooled through 6th grade. Then he went to the public school. first year there he got the bronze presidential award (Pres. Bush signed it), second year he got the silver pres. award (Pres. Obama signed it), third year he got the gold pres. award (pres. Obama signed). How many did your kid get?
If you don't attend the homeschool group meetings and field trips and meet these homeschooled children, then you don't have any right to ASSUME anything about them!!!!!
(Ummmm Congrats?)
My oldest is one of the youngest in his grade and was also reading before kindergarten. He will graduate at 17 and scores in the top 80% on testing in WI. To assume that my son is an idiot for going to public school is asinine. Also Obama and Bush did not hand sign his award. It's a stamp. My brother has received these same awards along with more. He was salutatorian of his graduating class. I'm not discrediting the awards that your son got and you should be proud of them.
I did say that I know a girl who is well adjusted after having been home schooled but I know more that aren't
Statistically most kids don't bring guns to schools. Does it happen? Yes. Is it rare? Yes. If you live in such a rough neighborhood then move.

HER: sure....but it's OKAY for YOU to ASSUME my children are ANTI-SOCIAL because they are/were don't know anything about them...... things only go one way with you???

HER: in YOUR words: "To assume that my son[children] is[are] an idiot[anti-social] for going to public school[being homeschooled] is asinine."

(I didn't know that anti-social meant the same thing as idiot but I know now! :) )
HER: remember, I wasn't assuming anything....that was you....

ME: I never referred to your child/kids and their socialization. I referred to the kids that I grew up with and why I would never even consider home schooling. You assumed that I meant yours in particular. Are you worried that your kids are anti- social?

She hasn't responded back yet but I'm excited for her response!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Did you remember to subtract 10 pounds for your shoes?"

  Every time I weigh myself I think of this line from Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. If you haven't seen this epic movie then I will give you a quick rundown of it's story. Two ditzy blond girls grow up together in Tuscon Arizona and move to LA together. They remain best friends and roomies for years. Romy runs into a classmate one day at her job and finds out that they have a ten year class reunion coming up. When they fill out their bios on what they have done since graduation they get depressed and realize that they have sucky lives (in their minds). So they hatch a plan to make their lives more awesome.
  At one point they are working out at a gym and Romy steps on the scale. She gets mad because after busting her ass she has gained a pound. She, understandably, gets mad about it so Michelle who is trying to be the ever helpful friend says, "Did you remember to subtract 10 pounds for your shoes?"
   I thought of this quote when I weighed myself today. According to the scale at the gym I have gained a pound back. My first thought was a bunch of expletives which I probably shouldn't post here because we will be here ALL day. My second thought was what am I wearing different from last week that would add on weight? My next thought was DAMN YOU PERIOD AND MAKING ME RETAIN WATER!!!! My last thought was I wonder what my weight would be if I checked it sans clothing. I would do this but I have a feeling I would get funny looks from the other gym members.I also don't want to see people gagging at the sight of my cellulite.
  I promised myself that if I had a bad weigh in I wouldn't beat myself up over it and I won't. Does it piss me off? Of course. I am human and a girl who is strongly powered by my emotions. Do I want to punch something? Hells yeah! Oh Rich..... Come here...... :)

Current weight is 186.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Periods. Aka My kryptonite

  Rich (my boyfriend) didn't want to go to the gym today since he was going to have a rough day at work. So my plan was that I was going to go by myself and spend about 30 minutes on the elliptical and skip doing weights because I wouldn't have a spotter. Good plan right?
  Well my day didn't go as awesome as awesome as I had hoped that it would. I was the closing server at the restaurant that I work at so getting up in the morning to get the monkeys off to school was as super fun as you can probably imagine. After they got on the bus I went back to bed for a couple of hours while still holding on to my plan of working out. At about my planned time of waking up I felt mind blowing pain in my gut area. OH JOY!!!!
  My period was late but I wasn't concerned since I had recently made the huge change of getting off my fat ass and working out. I figured that I wouldn't get one this month because of throwing my body into a tailspin. I also warned Rich so that he wouldn't freak out with a pregnancy scare.
  30 seconds after the first owwwww it started. The easiest way to describe it is that I liked going through labor more. At least with labor I had a brief break between contractions. This is a constant feeling of someone stabbing me and twisting the knife over and over again. Hence the JOY. I also tend to have a bulimic reaction and puke exorcist style. Puking is one of my least favorite things to do and I will fight it until I'm wearing half of it. Still sounds fun huh?
  The next three hours were spent popping a handful of Advil like candy and curling up in the fetal position on my bed. This also included some crying mixed with hot flashes and periodic shivering when the hot flashes went away. Rich was playing a new video game and occasionally hollered from the living room to check if I was still breathing. He sounds heartless with this but in reality when I feel that crappy I just want to be left alone. If he was the guy who would try to stroke my hair I would more than likely try to kick him in the crotch just for being male.
  So needless to say even though I had planned to work out my day didn't go how I wanted it to. I also didn't get to weight myself like I have planned to do every Wednesday since the only scale that I'm using happens to be at the gym. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow but typically I am still going to do it on Wednesdays just to keep it regular.
  This may be the grossest topic that I share.... Wait that's not true. I'm sure I will share grosser ones because who else can I gross out besides family and friends? It shows that I care and love you all. :)